Cape Flats 2030 Vision Initiatives

The Cape Flats 2030 Vision Initiatives (CF2030VI)

The Cape Flats 2030 Vision Initiatives (CF2030VI) is an initiative aimed at bringing credibility, local investment and job opportunities in 13 townships such as Athlone, Langa, Montana, Gugulethu, Mannenberg, Nyanga, Phillipi, Samora, Lower Crossroads, Delft, Mandalay, Khayelitsha and Mitchells Plain. The model incorporates lobbying by credible thought leaders that are academics, business entrepreneurs, NGO leaders and community leaders with key focus on bring projects such as theatres, light factories, sports infrastructure and other programmes aimed at growing local community. Three past seminars attended by Khayelitsha and Mitchells Plain community focussed on funding opportunities and business development and had representatives from the National Planning Commission, Jobs Fund, Business Partners, Small Enterprise Development Agency, Cornestone Institute, Department of Higher Education, Department of Trade and Industry, National Skills Fund, Human Sciences Research Council, Cape Higher Education Consortium, South African Oil & Gas Alliance, City of Cape Town, Silulo Ulutho Technologies, Reakgona Group, Phillipi Economic Development Initiative and Khayelitsha Community Trust.

African Hub Careers Exhibition

The initiatives are held during Global Entrepreneurship Week, thus connecting and contributing on economic matters with the stakeholders participating in over 65 countries. In quest of enriching and empowering youth with knowledge, a dedicated yearly project focussing on their careers, “African Hub Careers Exhibition” was formed in 2006. Since its inception, the initiative has attracted exhibitors from Gauteng, Eastern and Western Cape on a yearly three day programme, empowering learners and unemployed youth on careers, learnership and internship opportunities. To date, the 1st to the 11TH edition has incredible record of 34 772 learners, 139 schools from different backgrounds, 160 exhibitors (some coming more than once) and 4 725 unemployed youth and community members with support of local and national media (Independent News, Radio 2000, Umhlobo Wenene FM, Bush Radio, Radio Tygerberg, Radio Zibonele and Deviate Printers).

Youth Rising Project
The Youth Rising Project (YRP) is an initiative aimed at assisting needy learners access higher education through fundraising model by Grade 10 - 12 learners as well as providing specialized leadership coaching to such learners to realise their full potential through Yes To Life, an empowerment company managed an internationally recognized pioneer Ms Jennifer des Fountain who has vast expertise on coaching and life skills. The project also focuses on developing coaches who will be aligned to various senior secondary schools, assisting in growing the legacy and accountable leadership to youth (learners) who in the long term will be able to plough back their knowledge in various communities once fully employed – creating a circle of empowerment. Our first project executed in 2015 has seen Laphumilanga assisting 26 needy matriculants with exceptional challenges at their homes register at institutions of higher learning. Extreme difficult conditions included SJ who has studied all the way throughout despite staying with his brother who is a convicted murderer and without parents and YQ who has managed to study without having food and staying with a boyfriend as she is an orphan and was chased away by her relatives who did not want to take care of her.

A special effort, presenting to Heads of Faculties and Student Registry was made in ensuring that these students are taken care of. Total minimum registration costs amounted to R36 240,00. Out of the above, our fundraising efforts led to R20280,00 and we wrote motivational letters to all institutions to take these students and not ask for full registration. The same students were also assisted by the said institutions through National Student Financial Aid Scheme.